Gynecological Review

Gynecological Review

In our centers We watch over your health at all stages of your life (adolescence, fullness, maturity, old age ...).

Going once a year to the gynecological examination will help diagnose serious problems, our quality of life depends on it.

+ What is the gynecological examination?

A gynecological review consists of:

1. Realization of the clinical history. 

We will make a questionnaire with questions of all kinds (about menstruations, breasts or sexual activity).

2 Physical exploration.

It is performed on a gynecological couch in a lithotomy position (lying on your back, legs open). The exploration will be carried out in the abdominal and pelvic area.

This phase includes different steps:

  • First the vulvar area, looking for abnormalities or problems, such as genital warts HPV, pigmentary color changesEtc.
  • After the vaginal area with the help of a speculum, (duckbill-shaped instrument), you can observe the general condition of the external reproductive system.  The cervix, the uterus and the ovaries they are out of the reach of this instrument, so a manual touch is performed. This shape is determined that the position, shape and Size are within normal.
  • The next step is the sampling for cervical cytology. Is the most used test to check the condition of the cervix. A sample of cells is extracted that They are then studied under a microscope to detect possible problems. 
  • Sometimes they are also made colposcopies (a procedure that allows observing with many increases the vagina and cervix, looking for possible suspicious changes)
  • Another part of the physical exploration consists of the senological exam. Through palpation in the breast area, axillary, areolar, clavicular and nipples are looking for possible formations, lumps or hardnesses

3 Gynecological ultrasound.

It is a diagnostic test, simple safe and painless, consisting of vaginal introduction (in some cases abdominal or rectal route) of a ultrasound probe that through ultra sounds sends Real-time images providing valuable information about the state of the reproductive organs female (uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries).

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