Intimate Female Aesthetics

Intimate Female Aesthetics

Throughout life, women go through a series of stages that are marked by significant hormonal changes (adolescence, pregnancy, menopause ...), not forgetting the sequelae caused by births.

All this, in addition to other factors, produce physical changes in the female genital area (dryness and irritation, loss of muscle tone and elasticity, etc.), resulting in a considerable decrease in their quality of life affecting security and self-confidence. .

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How is Female Intimate Aesthetics treated?

Through treatment Gynelase Tm Vaginal atrophy, relaxation and esthetics are corrected, as well as mild and moderate urine losses in a comfortable, safe and effective way, without pain, without surgery and only with the application of topical anesthesia.

What is the treatment?

GYNELASE Tm It is a minimally invasive laser treatment, which causes a temperature increase inside the vagina in a fractional way alternating impact microzones with intact tissue spaces, getting a stimulation in the remodeling of the existing collagen and favoring the synthesis of new fibers that They will strengthen the vaginal mucosa and submucosa.

For what cases is it indicated?

  • Vaginal relaxation syndrome (vaginal tension).
  • Female genital aesthetics (labioplasty, perineoplasty).
  • Pigmentation level control (genital whitening).
  • Vaginal rejuvenation (dryness, strengthening muscle tone, atrophy).
  • Treatment of genital warts (HPV).
  • Mild and moderate urinary incontinence.
  • Relaxation syndrome and vaginal atrophy:
    GYNELASE Tm renews the mucous collagen that has lost tone and elasticity getting an improvement in the
    vaginal structure and its ability to generate collagen.
  • Its application is very useful during the menopause stage, increasing the thickness of the mucosa, the
    microcirculation and genital lubrication.
  • Mild and moderate urinary incontinence. Acts as common as playing sports, laughing, sneezing or having sex cause loss
    involuntary urination in women suffering from stress urinary incontinence, which subjects them to a constant
    situation of discomfort, limitation and insecurity significantly reducing their quality of life.
  • GYNELASE Tm can solve this type of loss thanks to its regenerative effect.
  • The heat of the laser promotes the remodeling of the collagen in the mucosa, reinforcing the anterior wall of the vagina.
  • Functional and aesthetic genital surgery:
    The external appearance and functionality of your intimate area is no less important.
    GYNELASE Tm helps to reshape and rejuvenate the external genital area, achieving greater uniformity and symmetry.

What are the advantages?

  • Comfortable, fast and safe treatment.
  • Immediate return to daily activity.
  • Effective response with high degree of patient satisfaction.
  • Improvement in sexual relations and quality of life.
  • Improvement of general genital aesthetics.
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