Ambulatory major surgery

Ambulatory major surgery

La Ambulatory major surgery, is a constant challenge in terms of advances in the surgical field since, thanks to the implementation of new technologies and the improvement of techniques, it has been possible to minimize the possible complications both surgical and anesthesiological.

This allows the patient to incorporate into their family, social and work life activities in a short period of time without this affecting the quality and good results of the surgical act performed.


Gynecological biopsy

Gynecological Biopsies consist of the taking of tissue fragments from certain areas of the female genital apparatus, which will be studied by pathological anatomy, for diagnostic and / or therapeutic purposes.

Endoscopic Gynecological Surgery

It is a non-invasive surgical technique that is performed through small incisions through which a micro camera and the specific and necessary instruments are introduced.

Intimate Female Surgery

Also called Genital Aesthetics, it consists of a series of surgical procedures that serve to improve the appearance and functionality of the female genitals.

Myomas removal without surgery

Uterine fibroids are abnormal masses of smooth muscle tissue that are located in and around the uterus and, occasionally, in the cervix. The preventive treatment of fibroids without surgery is performed by radiofrequency.

Gynecological laser - Gynelase Tm

It is a revolutionary new treatment that corrects atrophy, relaxation and vaginal aesthetics as well as mild and moderate urine losses in a comfortable, safe and effective way. It is a painless treatment, without surgery and in which only topical anesthesia is applied.

Uterine curettage

It is a surgical procedure that involves scraping the walls inside the uterus. It is indicated for abnormal menstrual bleeding or bleeding between periods, polyps, uterine infection, incomplete abortion, suspicion of uterine cancer ...

Tubal ligation

It involves a surgical intervention by which the fallopian tubes are cut and ligated. It is a procedure with permanent and irreversible results.

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Tubal ligation

Tubal ligation is considered a type of permanent contraceptive. During tubal ligation, the fallopian tubes are cut, ligated or blocked