Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine

AESTHETIC MEDICINE is the medical specialty, in which through the application of non-invasive techniques, the prevention of signs of aging is achieved, in addition to the recovery and maintenance of facial and body aesthetics, providing the patient with significant benefits as to health and well be general.


Diode Laser Hair Removal

Considered the most advanced and effective technology currently statistically endorsed through studies. This treatment has the only quantitative melanin reader and pigmentation meter on the market, which allows the development of personalized treatments for each type of patient. SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES, even tanned

Intimate Female Aesthetics

Improve your sexual relations, the aesthetics of your intimate area and say goodbye to urine losses with the most advanced laser technology.

Body treatments

We have various body treatments that will help you achieve the desired figure without going through surgery.

Facials treatments

The skin of the face suffers the passage of time and lifestyle, presenting a more aged appearance or that does not correspond to our age. Facial Aesthetic Medicine treatments can return to our face the luminosity and youth we want, always in a natural way and without side effects.

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Featured treatments

Facials treatments

At Clínica del Carmen we offer you different facial aesthetic medicine treatments indicated to treat wrinkles and flaccidity of the face, neck and