Gynecological Laser - Gynelase

Gynecological Laser - Gynelase

It is a revolutionary new treatment that corrects atrophy, relaxation and vaginal aesthetics in addition to mild and moderate urine losses in a comfortable, safe and effective way, without pain, without surgery and only with topical anesthesia.

+ Frequently asked questions about the gynecological laser?

What is?

GYNELASE Tm minimally invasive laser treatment, which causes a temperature rise inside the
fractional vagina alternating impact microzones with intact tissue spaces.

In this way, a stimulation in the remodeling of the existing collagen is achieved and the synthesis of new fibers that will strengthen
the vaginal mucosa and submucosa.

When is it indicated?

This treatment is indicated for:

  • El vaginal relaxation syndrome (vaginal tension).
  • La improvement of female genital aesthetics (labioplasty, perineoplasty).
  • El pigmentation level control (genital whitening).
  • El vaginal rejuvenation (dryness, strengthening muscle tone, atrophy).
  • El genital wart treatment (HPV).
  • La mild and moderate urinary incontinence.

What are the advantages of GYNELASE Tm?

  • It is a comfortable, fast and safe treatment.
  • The reincorporation to daily activity is immediate.
  • It has an effective response with a high degree of patient satisfaction.
  • Improvement in sexual relations and quality of life.
  • Improvement of general genital aesthetics.
  • Results supported by follow-up studies carried out by the Clinic team of specialists
    from Carmen.

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