Myomas removal without surgery

Myomas removal without surgery

Clínica del Carmen is only in the Canary Islands which has a Specialized Unit in Miomas. The professionals of our Unit, are the most experienced in this surgery, and those who are at the forefront in the study and development of non-surgical techniques.

Our centers have a great experience and knowledge of the radiofrequency technique.

La radiofrequency fibroid ablation technique It is not easy to perform by any gynecologist. It requires a lot of capacity and skill in surgery and ultrasound management, a lot of training and even more importantly, a lot of experience.

Not only is it necessary to know how to perform the technique correctly to avoid complications to the greatest extent possible, but also the knowledge, derived from experience, of those fibroids that should not or cannot be done with this technique is required.

We are pioneers in this technique.

+ Frequently asked questions about myoma removal

What are uterine fibroids?

The fibroids they are abnormal masses of smooth muscle tissue that are located in and around the uterus and, occasionally, in the cervix.

They arise in the smooth muscle cells that exist in the myometrium or wall of the uterus. In most cases they are multiple, but sometimes they can be unique.

Depending on their location, categories can be divided into 3:

  • Subserous
  • Intramurals
  • Submucous

El 99% of miomas son benign tumors. At Clínica del Carmen, our expert professionals in this pathology can guide you about your situation in a personalized way.

El preventive treatment of fibroids is performed by radiofrequency

What symptoms do they produce?

Myomas give symptom de Bleeding, due to its situation in the uterus, near or inside the cavity. This type of fibroids, depending on their size, are usually inaccessible to surgery, and in them, the technique that allows to solve the problem of bleeding by reducing the volume of the fibroid is radiofrequency.

  • The symptom which produces can also be one or several:
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding o intermenstrual bleeding
  • Anemia
  • Pelvic pain
  • Infertility
  • Repeated abortions.

 How is it treated?

There are several ways treatment For fibroids. However, surgery resolves many of the cases in which myomas require a medical solution. But sometimes, surgery cannot achieve the complete removal of myomas, with the consequent worsening or lack of solution of the symptoms that it causes. On the other hand, surgery on the uterus to remove myomas can further affect fertility in some cases, due to the scar that is caused in the uterus.

There are different alternative techniques to surgery. Currently radio frequency is the first choice, for the comfort for the patient, because it does not require hospitalization, for the low rate of complications, because it does not need postoperative, etc.

What is radiofrequency?

La radiofrequency It is the application of electromagnetic waves, which produce heat in the tissue where it is applied, and this leads to necrosis or cell death. The body reacts to this necrosis by absorbing this tissue, so the tumors in which they are applied reduce their volume.

The technique is called radiofrequency fibroid ablation and can be applied in almost all myomas. In some cases, radiofrequency is more indicated than surgery for any of these reasons:

  • Because the fibroids are inaccessible through any surgical route.
  • Because myoma occurs in a woman is of childbearing age, especially if she is growing. In these cases, the radiofrequency is performed preventively, before the myoma causes problems for having children or any other symptoms.
  • Because the woman has been previously operated and it is not advisable to perform more uterine scars.
  • Because myoma surgery poses a high risk of losing the uterus
  • Because the woman does not accept the surgery, or it is contraindicated by a health problem. In these cases the radio frequency can be done whenever technically possible.
  • The technique is performed vaginally, through an electrode that is shaped like a needle, and is inserted into the myoma through the vagina.
  • To perform the technique, the patient must be sedated in the operating room. The technique does not involve hospitalization, it only requires a stay of 2-3 hours in the hospital. The patient is discharged the same day the technique is performed and can make her normal life two days after the radiofrequency.
  • Radiofrequency myoma treatment is a minimally invasive treatment, which acts directly inside the myoma, through a very fine needle, which is introduced through the vagina, producing necrosis inside the myoma, without damaging the healthy tissue that surrounds it. This necrotic tissue will be absorbed by the organism, and is the reason why the volume of the myoma will be reduced.


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