Gynecesthetic disorders

Gynecesthetic disorders

La Gyneco-aesthetic It is a subspecialty within Gynecology and Aesthetic Medicine. In it, genital health is evaluated from an anatomical, aesthetic and functional point of view. Your goal is Functionally and aesthetically improve the genital area and pelvic floor.

Through surgical-cosmetic procedures, a better appearance of the genitals is achieved and also an improvement in vaginal functionality, which makes it possible to enjoy satisfactory sexual relations and restore the alterations of obstetric trauma, age, etc.

+ Frequently asked questions about Gyneco-aesthetic alterations

When can gynecesthetics be necessary?

La gyno aesthetic It can be useful after vaginal births or simply by the constitution itself, since alterations in the internal dimensions and in the external aspect of the anatomy of the vaginal canal or of the female genitals can be presented or generated.

In addition, about 20% of women have hypertrophy of the labia minora, a disorder that represents an alteration that can interfere with the patient's quality of life when wearing tight clothes, in sports or in penetration during sexual intercourse .

Another aspect to highlight in gynecological treatments, is the attention to very common menopause disorders,

What types of gyneco-aesthetic treatments are there?

En Clínica del Carmen We have the following services:

  • Acne: Study and comprehensive treatment of female Acne from gynecology-endocrinology and functional.
  • Medical-hormonal and gynecological treatment.
  • Vulvo-vaginal atrophy: Pain-Dryness-Itching: Study and treatment from endocrinological and functional gynecology including specific, hormonal treatments. Laser-Growth Factors-Hyaluronic.
  • Gynecological pain: Vulvar pain-Vaginismus-Pain with relationships: study and comprehensive treatment from gynecology and specific treatments including neurotoxin.
  • Urinary incontinence: Study and integral treatment: Rehabilitative-Medical-Lasser-Surgical Treatment.
  • Genital prolapse: Comprehensive study Treatment: Laser-Rehabilitation-Surgical.
  • Alteration in vaginal laxity relationships: Hyaluronic-Laser vaginal tightening.
  • Alteration of external genitalia: Laser or surgical correction (labiaplasty) of Hypertrophy-Asymmetry of the labia minora: Functional and Aesthetic Surgery.
  • Alteration of external genitalia: Hypotrophy-Asymmetry of the labia majora: Correction with hyaluronic-Fat transplantation-Growth factors.
  • HIMEN reconstruction: Specific surgical techniques in selected cases (functional-aesthetic gynecology on personal demand).
  • Genital whitening: Comprehensive treatment: Medical-Laser-Peeling.
  • Scar repair.

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