Our department of Psychology has as purpose evaluate, diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and prevent all those factors that affect the psychological health of our patients. Our Centers carry out their psychological treatments with techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy, and we treat different areas of General Clinical Psychology.

General psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind and all those aspects such as cognition, perception, emotion and behavior.

Of the adult

We use a flexible model aimed at improving the quality of life, helping each person to gain a greater understanding of himself and his environment.

Child and Youth Psychotherapy

In the infant-youth area we have specialized in attending to those disorders that have a more pronounced presence in certain stages of maturational development, such as bedwetting and hyperactivity disorder; as well as other emotional imbalances.

Couple Psychotherapy

Sexual and couple psychotherapy is aimed at couples where there are conflicts that may be damaging their relationship, or even for couples without such problems with a desire to improve between them.

Psychosexual Psychotherapy

In sexual psychotherapy, the resolution of sexual problems is treated individually or as a couple.

Family Psychotherapy

In family psychotherapy we address the intervention and treatment of the family as a whole, from an individual and integrative perspective.