Diode Laser Medical Hair Removal

Diode Laser Medical Hair Removal

El diode laser It has been incorporated for its results and thanks to its
technical characteristics that it combines (Wavelength, Energy, Duration of
Pulse and Cooling System), has obtained FDA approval
(US Health Administration) and its results, are endorsed by the
most prestigious dermatologists in the world and Harvard University.

The Diode laser is a beam of light that, selectively absorbed by the hair follicle pigment, melanin causes thermal destruction of the cells responsible for hair growth.

Hair removal ensures that destroyed hair is removed final.

In each session with Laser, only active hair follicles are permanently removed, and therefore several Laser sessions are needed to permanently remove hair from an area.

+ Frequently asked questions about Diode Laser Hair Removal

What is the treatment?

It consists of passing the tip of the Laser with the sapphire crystal refrigerated at 4 ° C on the skin of the area to be treated. The advantage of this active chilltip cooling system means that the heat produced by the Laser does not reach the surface of the skin avoiding side effects, since it cools before, during and after the pulse.

The treatment is always carried out by a specialized professional with great experience, who sets the guidelines to follow the patient, performing a personalized follow-up of each treatment.

What differences are there with other types of laser hair removal?

It depends on two very important technical factors: that the laser has an ideal wavelength, and therefore, effective and a cooling system that protects the skin. The international scientific community values ​​the Diode Laser as the best Laser for hair removal for different reasons:

  • Permanent results in a few sessions.
  • Lower risk of side effects due to its unique cooling system.
  • A single session every 2 months.
  • The majority of those understood in laser hair removal consider that the best lasers are the Alexandrite, the diode, and on the other hand the photodepilation by pulsed light. If you have the combination, it is ideal for laser hair removal. The laser technology advances at a very fast pace so it can become effective in dark skin.

Will my hair grow after laser hair removal?

Normal healthy hair grows in cycles: it grows, for a little, falls and grows again this phenomenon is technically known as anagen, catagen, and telogen phase of hair growth.

During the anagen phase, or active, the hair fiber is produced and contains a very significant amount of melanin, it is then during this period when laser hair removal is most effective.

After this phase, the hair enters a controlled stage where the lower part stops growing (no new hair is produced), but the hair does not fall out, this phase is called catagen and in it the laser hair removal has very little effect.

In the telogen phase, or the final stage of the hair, it is when a period of rest occurs: the old hair falls out and the preparation for the development of a new hair begins again beginning the anagen phase. And, as you might expect, laser hair removal has no effect during this telogen stage.

To understand how the laser hair removal procedure works and how it becomes a permanent treatment, it is crucial to first understand that hair growth occurs in stages. Due to the nature of cycles, hair removal will be permanent or not depending on whether the hair is in one phase or another when the treatment is performed.

After a series of laser hair removal treatments, strategically spaced over time, the hair will sometime be in the active stage, so you will see a significant reduction in hair. And even if you see hair growth over time, it will be much slower and thinner than before treatment.


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