Diagnostic tests

Diagnostic tests

Throughout pregnancy different tests are performed to check the proper development of the baby, and rule out some chromosomal alteration, or a malformation. Some of them consist of a simple blood test or an ultrasound, others instead involve risk for pregnancy.

At Clínica del Carmen we perform, among others: 

  • High definition ultrasound 3D / 4D / 5D-HD LIGHT.
  • 1º Quarter Screening
  • Non-invasive prenatal screening.
  • Determination of Fetal Sex.
  • Maternal Fetal Monitoring.

+ Quarters.


We request a series of clinical tests: The most prominent Group and HR Factor, Coombs Test, Glycemic Profile, Serology, cytology, ultrasound, etc.…, with these data the risk of pregnancy for the mother and the fetus is assessed.


The controls during this period of gestation are oriented above all, to solve your doubts, at this point it is normal for you to be presented several, in addition we will perform other clinical tests such as, for example, detection of Gestational diabetes or the Morphological Ultrasound, this is done between 18 and 20 weeks, and analyzes the morphology of the baby, its heart, other organs, its environment (placenta and amniotic fluid), as well as its movements, these are fundamental data for the verification that its development is within the normal parameters.


From the week 36 We will see each other more often, the controls will be more frequent.

During this last period, we will perform the following clinical tests:

  • 36 ultrasound of the week, from which, we will obtain very valuable information about the status, evolution, position and situation of the baby, the umbilical cord and the placenta in order to prepare the delivery.
  • Vaginal / rectal exudate, for the diagnosis or discard of the presence of the Agalactia Streptococcus.
  • Maternal-Fetal Monitoring, It is performed in the final stretch of pregnancy, with it we can assess the health status of the baby and its level of well being inside the uterus through obtaining a record of his heart rate and uterine contractions of the mother.

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