Before pregnancy

Before pregnancy

A consultation prior to pregnancy is recommended due to 3 main reasons:

  • Evaluate the risk. An interview should be carried out with the patient and her partner in order to know the medical and gynecological history as well as the family members and in this way establish the individualized risk of each mother for pregnancy
  • Health promoting actions. One of the most important actions is nutrition. You should maintain a balanced diet, if you are overweight you should assess a loss of weight, avoid excessive consumption of caffeine and consult about taking certain herbal treatments. During pregnancy you must have a healthy and balanced diet where all the nutrients are included, so this is the best time to start it.
  • Vitamin Supplementation. Vitamin supplements are essential in the conception of pregnancy. He folic acid prevents neural tube defects of the fetus as it is an essential component for the formation of DNA. Another key complement is the iodo, in the body, is responsible for the formation of thyroid hormones and prevents pathologies derived from these hormones.

When should I go?

From the moment a woman considers pregnancy, it is important to go to the gynecologist to establish a series of guidelines and evaluate possible risks.

Mainly, after a general control of the health status of women, the following steps are established:

  • Indication of the intake of certain supplements (Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Iron ...) depending on the needs of each woman.
  • Awareness for the elimination of toxic habits (alcohol, tobacco, drugs ...)
  • Nutrition / food guidance.
  • Infectious-viral status recognition.
  • Participation and active control of chronic diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension ...)

At Clínica del Carmen we help you plan your pregnancy so that you can carry it out in the best healthy conditions.

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